GW’s iPod

June 9, 2007

I thought I might be early on the reporting of this one, but I have been beaten to it … it seems that the GW Bush’s iPod contents have been released to the public for some reason. (along with pictures of him riding a bike wearing all of his bike gear … I never considered it very safe to bike with headphones on, but I didn’t have the secret service helping me cross the street).  The interesting bit is that Bush reportedly has Beatles songs on his mp3 player.  Many people aren’t aware that there is no legal source of Beatles mp3s.  They have never licensed their music for dowload on iTunes or anywhere else.  This means that one would have to rip the tunes from a CD to the iPod.  Of course, in the rather insane rules in place in the US, the RIAA definitely does not look kindly on such practices, even for personal use.  Perhaps some of those thousands of university students receiving letters from the RIAA for “piracy” should just suggest that they are following the example of GW.


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