Microsoft does something cool.

August 5, 2007

So, the surface computer has been introduced by Microsoft (not that they invented it, but they’ve made a device utilizing this technology), and people have been making fun of it (mostly saying that Microsoft has introduced a “big-ass table” … which is kind of what it is. Take out the fact that they’ve made some 1970’s style tables that look like Pacman games from the old pizza parlour, and there’s something pretty cool behind it.

Look: The big-ass table.

You may have seen this before … Apple uses this technology in the iPhone, but they didn’t invent it either … they did make something cooler than a table, though. However, I think Microsoft will actually sell these things. At the very least, people are so obsessed with gambling, that I’m sure that this is the playing surface of the future. How many people want a “big-ass table” in their house, is another question altogether.


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