Vista experience …

August 14, 2007

I just realized recently that I had my first experience with Windows Vista … it’s odd, I realize, to suggest that I had realized that I had this experience.  You see, someone invited me over to their house to set up their wireless network (which, truth be known, is about as challenging as setting up a Hotwheels track … a little less challenging that setting up Thomas the Tank Engine tracks). I had been doing all of the usual cable attaching and such, and everything looked good. I sat down at the laptop with the wireless card and was working away on getting it going … about 10 minutes in I noticed that the “Start button” logo was kind of snazzy. It was at that point that I said (having been digging through things for some time), “oh, is this Vista?” Maybe I’m not very observant, but everything seemed … well … not all that interesting.  Perhaps the least exciting introduction ever to a much ballyhooed OS.

Of  course, most of the fanfare (at least in the Media), was about the new TCP/IP stack in Vista, which was allegedly built from scratch, so I should be excited not by it’s new appearance, but by it’s performance.  Although it’s hard to tell what really happened (because virtually all online discussion descend instantly into I hate Macs/I hate PC diatribes), it would appear that nothing is new in the Vista stack, either.   It’s all old protocols stuck together in new or not-so-new ways … what’s even weirder is that the XP stack was built from BSD (open source), and now OSX is based on BSD, so there was a moment of convergence there (if you didn’t blink).  Now Vista is based on a number of non-BSD related technologies … of course, what do I know?


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