Quick one

September 27, 2007

I was recently asked to think about what inspires me. I didn’t say this at the time, but very little inspires me more than this:

My 75 year old mother is a Master’s Track and Field athlete … in fact, she holds many world’s records for the 800 metre. That’s inspirational enough, and if you go to any of the events where these people compete, you will be blown away (a stadium full of people between 40 and 90 who are ripped and can easily kick all of our asses …). Anyway, the real inspiration … my mother was running in Italy this month at the World Championships (yes, really), and as she neared the finish line she caught someone out of the corner of her eye catching up. She threw herself across the line leading to a bunch of stitches above her eye. As she was being helped up her first words were “did I make it?” (she did)


Who needs more inspiration than that?


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