More Twitter

June 3, 2008

Well, I like Twitter.  It really is a great way to keep up with the thoughts of people with  … thoughts.  However, what’s happening now is that a lot of Internet “insiders” are posting like maniacs and telling me such fascinating topics as they are “at Starbucks”, or they’re eating at some lovely restaurant somewhere in the Bay area.  While this conjures up great images of the life of a young single in the tech industry, it gets a little tiresome day after day for those of us who are responsible adults living in the frozen tundra. I would like more folk to get on Twitter that are doing interesting things.  I want to hear what Larry Lessig has to say … I want Art Rhyno to get on and fill me in on his activities, and there must be thousands of Art Rhynos out there doing interesting things. But I still just hear about young techies eating dinner … this could, however,  be a great tool.  One thing that’s very nice is the recent influx of useful sources that I can follow, a la the NY Times … I can handle having more of these.  Just now, I was able to check in on how many delegates Obama needs to clinch the nomination in a second … this is very convenient.

What is disturbing is the recent influx of spammers who (for some reason) are trying to accumulate as many followers as possible.  This is echoed by Internet luminaries Leo Laporte and Kevin Rose having a contest to attract the most followers (again, for some undetermined reason). This has lead to my practice of not following anyone with a crazy ratio of followers to following (i.e. – if you follow 10000 people but have 1000 followers, I have no intention of following you).  See, these people follow you in hopes that you will automatically follow them … not the case any longer.  I’m actually not sure of the rationale for accumulating huge numbers of followers, although it is much like being a successful spammer … Leo and Kevin … why are you doing this? (other than vanity)


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