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September 9, 2008

The great thing about having a PC as a work computer is that you can write blog posts on your Mac while you wait for the PC to boot up.

So, to follow up my radio post, I offer a list I’ve been working on for years … the greatest set of radio tunes, composed entirely of songs that can’t be played on the radio. This is not just a list of really nasty songs … I actually always wanted to (and occasionally did) play these on the radio. Semi-obscenity warning:

F$%# You – D.O.A.

Just one of the greatest punk songs ever, and an extremely rockin’ tune. Actually composed by Gerry Hannah of the Subhumans, who later went to jail as a member of the Vancouver 5.

Let’s Go To F%#@in’ Hawaii – Young Canadians

A silly little pop-punk tune about vacations (I guess). A Canadian punk classic with a young young Art Bergman.

Dance of the Headless Bourgeoisie – NoMeansNo

Perhaps the hardest punk song to spell. A great song that breaks about as many rules for radio play as possible. The story of some kidnappers who find that they can’t convince the father of a super-rich family to pay a ransom even though they keep on blowing up the heads of his family members. (the chorus is all about that) Finally, the song ends with the idea that they want to blow up dads head just because of what a jerk he is.

Prayer to God – Shellac

Perhaps the reigning king of radio-unfriendliness. Our narrator is a fellow who is praying to God to have his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend killed. He begins with the idea that he just wants them dead, but then decides that he would actually prefer it to be very painful. The music and lyrics are brutal (meaning that they hit you like a sledgehammer). A huge song.

Acid Flashback – My Dog Popper

Another Canadian one … strange. Not a particularly nasty song except for one part in which Mr. Rogers reveals his ugly side to Casey and Finnegan (I think it is). The fact that the chorus is just the band saying “Acid Flashback” over and over as fast as they can also makes this pretty undesirable … but hilarious. Also, the band with one of the best all-time album names: “668, Neighbor of the Beast”.

Slack MotherFu&*%er – Superchunk

An absolute classic referred to by Mike Watt (in the fIREHOSE cover), as being about “working for an asshole”. Dedicated this to my friend Terry on the radio when he left CKMS because (among other things) the board of directors was composed almost entirely of complete morons. “I’m working, but I’m not working for you … slack mother$%#@^!!!”

Nancy – The Sun City Girls

Absolutely filthy …. about Nancy Reagan and stuff … when I saw the Girls the day that Ronald Reagan died, people were yelling for them to play Nancy, but it may even be too much for them. However, since it’s about Nancy Reagan … it’s funny … ya get it?

Nazi Punks F@$% Off! – Dead Kennedys

One of the early and great examples of hardcore punk, and a great song as well. Still have the 7″ at home, complete with armband. (the flip side, “Religious Vomit” should get nearly equal billing)

That’s all for now … seems like a short list when I look at it … I’m sure that there are many more.


One comment

  1. Oh, the My Dog Popper…so many CKMS memories.

    I am seeing Shellac on the 16th in Toronto and I’m pretty stoked. I hope I remember my earplugs.


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