The revolution chugs on …

September 9, 2008

I’ve very quickly taken on the iPod touch as the central tool in “my digital life”. While I put that in quotation marks because it sounds way too much like a catch-phrase, I do have a largely digital life. I’ve been moving with relative caution into adopting third-party apps, quite simply because a great deal of them at this stage are pretty useless, and I know that they’ll become quite sophisticated in short order.

However … one app has really struck me as having potential. Stanza is basically an e-book reader and quite a simple one at that, but the concept of the thing is quite, uh … thought-provoking. The Stanza folks provide you with a library of free books that can be easily accessed and downloaded from within the software. This was just okay at first when I could download all of the usual suspects (Moby Dick, The Art of War, etc). On the last update, however, all of a sudden I could get my hands on the Atlantic Monthly and Wired just by asking for it. Now, we’re getting somewhere. Yes, I could go to the website of these things, but that’s a few more clicks and a move to the computer (where my kids will be doing something related to Pokeman). This all became a little more interesting while waiting for a concert to start last week. I pulled out my iPod and started looking at stuff and then realized that I had Wired magazine sitting there waiting for me (no wireless connection at that point). It was really a very simple thing, but combining extreme portability with functionality and content … it all worked for me. And we’re only in the early days …


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  1. nice article, thanks

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