A Great Plan That Will Never Happen

February 19, 2009

Yesterday I was listening to the TWIT podcast (This Week in Tech) and heard this great story.  The New York Times has determined that they could save a huge amount of money by stopping all production of the physical paper, and then sending an Amazon Kindle to every single subscriber.  Turns out that the cost of producing and delivering the paper copy is so astronomically high that just giving a $350 device to 800,000 people so they could read the paper in digital format, would be an enormous savings.  It’s really too bad that they’ll never do this … they’d only have to give out the Kindle once (or infrequently, anyway), so it would be pretty much a one-time expense … the economics are pretty obvious. (I know, I know … people want the physical paper because, uh, they, uh, like the feel of it, or really enjoy throwing many pounds of newsprint away every week … or something … have you ever had the NY Times at home? … it’s like 5 pounds of paper a week at least).


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