Supporting scientists … maybe.

May 11, 2009

Another in a series of seemingly unrelated quotes on scientific communication … they’re too long to Tweet (and I’m tired of tweeting in general), and I like them.

” It is clear, however, that the productive scientist cannot be an isolated scholar who devotes years to reading scientific literature related to the phenomenon he wishes to research … Nor is he the recluse, more or less ignored by society, who can privately pursue his own intuition. … Instead, the scientist relies heavily on informal networks of information exchange to keep abreast of current activities and all of the current views of the community  on the value and relevance of specific research problems.”

“Scientific Communication: Its Role in the Conduct of Research and Creation of Knowledge”, Garvey and Griffith in Key Papers in Information Science, 1980.

Are we serving the research process in the best possible way?


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