Some great harmonies

September 29, 2015

This biog is going to be about a lot of different things from now on … one of them will certainly be music.

I have always been interested in Gram Parsons, mostly because of the recommendations, particularly from Keith Richards. Parsons’ music is a little difficult for people to “get” at this point in time, because what he did that was significant really relied on understanding the historical context in which it happened. The idea of blending country and rock like he did seems unremarkable now, but it was quite remarkable at the time, and it was tremendously influential.  Listening to his music it strikes me that it sounds more like “country” than most country music today does.  It goes right to the core and taps directly into the heart of the music, but it does add an entire element of rock sensibility. The Rolling Stones’ Exile On Main Street (one of the greatest albums ever made), is partly the result of Parsons’ influence on Keith Richards and the fact that he was living in Nellcote as the Stones recorded that record.  It’s a bit of a mystery when or if Parsons actually plays on that record, but from what I’ve heard of that recording process, it sounds as though it’s pretty likely that if he was in that house, he was in that recording.

Anyway, I’m sold.  Gram Parsons was the real deal.  I just bought a CD with the two albums he released as solo projects and I like them more than I expected to.  Today I was messing about on YouTube and came across one of the greatest duets I think that I’ve ever heard: Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris … you might not like the song that much (Love Hurts, but the Everly Bros) but the harmony is tremendous.


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