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Response to a “journalist”

June 18, 2016

He wrote about clickbait but what happened next will stun you

This article strikes me as remarkably immature. Regardless of what you call it, or who is to blame, there has been a massive change in the content and spirit of the news. Yes, the internet and the 24 hour news cycle have required changes, but how those have been adopted is entirely up to the profession providing the news. Many of the news outlets (close to all of them) have chosen to trivialize what they do, and transform themselves into one giant National Enquirer. They did that, not their readers, not their medium. Previously, had you offered Walter Cronkite or Dan Rather the “amazing” story that someone fell out of their wedding dress, or a really cute cat picture, they would have been insulted that you even thought that story had anything to do with their work. In the pre-internet days there would be one “human interest” story at the end of the news and it would be identified as such … now, pretty much every story is presented at that level. That was the choice of those who present the news, not the medium, not the audience. Now, many journalists fall all over each other to report complete BS if it gets some attention. And “attention” is the word that matters. It is now ALL about attention, and not at all about covering what might be important, but won’t gain readers.

The news media is now on the exact same level as Justin Bieber. Justin says endlessly, “look at me”, and there is nothing beyond that. No content, just something to glance at. No challenge, no message, no content … just an image. The media has chosen to do the same: say “hey, look over here”, and when you look, there’s no “there there”. All you get is a titillating image. They have chosen that. Their message is entirely of their choosing, and they have sold any importance they had to the highest bidder. Where was the media during the rise of Trump? I saw very little ever examining his message, trying to grasp his policy, or questioning whether he was even suited to doing the job. This wasn’t political. Nobody was forcing anyone to stay hands-off with Trump … not even the GOP likes him! The media CHOSE to report the Trump story as a circus, and an attention-grabbing headline. They said, “hey, look over here”, but when we looked they just said “wow, that’s really something, huh? … more pics tomorrow!” People looked, but they learned nothing, and that was the media’s choice. The medium changed, the news cycle changed, but you chose how to respond, and you sold your profession to this system of generating trivial pablum to morons. You chose that, and now you’re a joke.